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Relationship Education for Couples

We believe that one important way of changing the world

is changing the way we relate to each other in our

intimate relationships.

We strive to create a world where intimate partners:

Can be open and undefended with each other.

Turn conflict into a tool for creating safety and trust.

Create a relationship where they can be 100% there for each other.

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Couples Mentoring


Men's Mentoring

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Online Support

“We are so grateful and amazed at just how much we learned during our first session.  We both feel closer, more committed, more nurturing, and even practiced some of the skills we learned.  A true testament to how amazing you guys are at what you do, and the environment of safety, love, compassion and non-judgment that you so easily provide to your clients.”

I & J, Austin, TX


“We were at the end of our relationship, blaming each other and convinced there was nothing to do about our relationship but divorce. We were both looking for something that was not therapy - relationship coaching and mentoring sounded right. Paul and Leila were great at listening and modeled how to have a different kind of conversation. They helped us see what we were doing that caused so much despair and what we could do instead. We felt both supported, and we got more than we expected….! I had forgotten how much we had in common, and the many things we actually enjoy together..”  

M & N, Seattle, WA

Having an open hearted, compassionate couple create a safe space for discussion and guide us through challenging issues we have not spoken about in too long is wonderful. The information they share is based in research and on their personal experiences. They are guiding us to improve our communication skills and listen to ourselves at our soul level.

L &  J, Iowa City, IA

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