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Couples Therapy

Couples Workshop 

2- Day Couple’s Workshop

Couples for Life: 

Seven Essential Components for Conscious Relationships

This workshop focuses on

  • How you can increase your "Communication Intelligence:" practical tools for dealing with everyday conflict 

  • Understanding commitment and its role in creating safety in your relationship

  • Practicing the skills that build intimacy and emotional safety

  • A conscious way to romance and sexuality

  • "Attachment issues" in committed relationships: how to use the knowledge from the "new science of love" to foster closeness, understanding and support in your marriage/partnership. 

During this workshop, you and your partner will learn how to create connection in your day to day relationship. The workshop includes presentations, videos and exercises that you will do with your partner in a safe and nurturing environment. Groups are small (up to 10 couples) and you will have the opportunity to work on your own relationship issues.


The workshop fee includes a FREE 90-minute session before the workshop (to identify the issues you will work on with your partner during the workshop) and a second 90-minute session within 4 weeks after attending the workshop to help make the most of what you have learned in your daily life. 


Optional additional session packages are available at a discount rate for workshop participants (see prices and details HERE)

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