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Men's Coaching

Becoming the man we want to be in a society that pressures us in so many directions is not an easy task. Having a mentor who has the actual experience of creating and sustaining a happy relationship, who provides perspective and accountability, is perhaps the most important support a man can have in these times. 

Being a man in the 21st Century is not easy. Our role as a man has been changing faster than we can adapt. Understanding how to create and sustain an intimate relationship with a woman is not something we learned at home or at school.


Unlike women - who learn how to confide in each other from very early in life-  men don't have much opportunity to find emotional and gender-appropriate support about relationships.

Most men struggle with creating and sustaining intimate relationships, but have no one around to talk about this. There can be a lot of shame around relationship issues.


Supporting Men's Life and Relationship's Journey

Hi I'm Paul Vlasuk


I am passionate about reaching out to men and modeling the power of inviting the feminine into their lives without giving up who they are as a man.

This passion has led me to facilitating men’s groups and educational activities that support a new consciousness as men in relationships.


If you are seeking a new way through all the pressure of life, relationships, health, career and/or addiction, give me a call. I offer a 30 minute FREE consultation so you can decide if what I bring may be a good fit for you.


Call or email to book a FREE consultation in person, by phone/Skype or Google Hangout. 

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